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How it works

Link to any plattform and any app using only one link. Offer your customers multiple touch points to get to your content. Use short URLs for mobile deeplinking for newsletters, social campaigns, and online ads. Take advantage of QR Codes, Image Recognition, and iBeacon technology to connect offline with your digital content.

Measure and analyze the impact of your campaigns or communication in a single online tool. This provides you with the best overview on all your marketing activities.

How it works

Short URLs

Every Shortcut is a unique short URL that you can use in all your online and email campaigns. Even when using mobile deep linking, you only need this one short URL. Here is an example Short URLs also create small and visually attractive QR Codes.

Hosted Shortcuts

All your Shortcuts are hosted and you can edit and redirect them in our online manager. This gives you a maximum of flexibility to change and update your campaigns on the fly. There is no need to replace your offline touch points when something changes.

Mobile Deep Linking

Our Shortcuts allow for mobile deep linking. We recognize the device and link to a specific location within your mobile app. Drive user experience with mobile deep links. Contact us to learn more about mobile deep linking.

Image Recognition

Connect your short URL with your visual content such as packages, brochures, etc. using image recognition. Use our app to recognize the images you enable. You can also use our SDK in order to add image recognition to your existing app

QR Code

With every Shortcut, we automatically create a QR Code for you. You can use this code - similar to image recognition - in your offline communications. Engage users offline to come to your site or to your mobile app via deep linking.


Learn about the success of your campaigns with real-time analytics. Dive into the numbers and run different experiments to learn more about the efficency of your communication. Give it a try now, it's free.

Who is using Shortcut?

Shortcut is the choice of numerous companies and freelancers - photographers, advertising agencies, publishing houses, global brands, etc. Shortcut is their favorite tool when it comes to customer interaction. From measuring the impact of a single Facebook post, to optimizing marketing strategies, it all goes via Shortcut.

For a customer app, we needed very quickly an image-recognition feature. With Shortcut, our team had the app IR enabled in less than 5 minutes. You can say, I am a fan.


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